Welcome to Europa Goldens.

It is not what you say that people remember. It’s how you make them feel .  I believe the same principle applies with pets.  English Goldens enable us to feel their unique, abundant love, and we are transformed by it to become better people.

In my experience and that of thousands of others, English Goldens exude  a genuine love, care and respect that is second to none. Their empathy and calmness promotes comfort and healing.  Their enthusiasm bubbles up and becomes our laughter. And their undying loyalty permeates a place in our souls that creates a humble, reciprocal love for the world.

EUROPA ENGLISH GOLDENS is home to a small family of English or European style Golden Retrievers.  We have one to two litters of puppies a year.  We have been fortunate and honored to be mentored by two leaders in global Golden Retriever Excellence – Joanne Cava of Tanglewood Goldens and Angel Martin of Goldensglen Goldens– both in North Carolina.  My family and I reside in Western North Carolina where our English Goldens are part of our home as family pets. We are located in the southeastern US near Charlotte, NC, close to SC, GA, VA, TN and FL and a few hours from Greensboro, NC, Raleigh, NC ,Asheville, NC , Columbia, SC and Greenville, SC.  Please enjoy our site and photos of our special Goldens.  You’ll also find several commercial banner shots from  photographers  who’ve captured the enchantment of the European countryside.

We  welcome your inquiry at info@europaenglishgoldens.com.

Thank you.

From European heritage to our homes today… English Goldens make the world a better place.