Past Pups


(Pictured above  Pups from a Shasta Finn Litter)

We produce at least one litter of English Style Golden Retrievers each year.  It is our passion to provide caring families with beautiful Goldens of European descent who come from long generational pedigrees of good health ( certifications hips, elbows, eyes, heart), loving, calm temperaments which are ideal for service/therapy and correct confirmation.  Many also temperament-test for hunting and agility.  Having grown up with a rich gold American Style Golden Retriever, I find the loving nature and emotional intelligence of the English and American Golden  to be very similar. We are among those who love both types and a blend, but our personal preference is for the characteristics which have been bred by UK and Canadian kennels, including the pale color.  

From European heritage to our homes today… English Goldens make the world a better place.