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  1. Le 06/09/2009 à 20h27 Citation:Posté par Lilie-Roseça ressemble aux fringues qu’on avait quand on était petit… souvenirs…Exact. Enfant, cela ne m’aurait pas gêné de porter ce style de vêtements, j’aurai même adoré, mais à l’age adulte porter ces tee-shirts ne nous amèneraient que moqueries et certainement pas de la jalousie, mdr. XD. C’est kitsch, ringard, en clair =>moche!!

  2. Fabian and Lis, cheers very much for the comments. I’ve not had a chance to check back on the blog since I posted that article so sorry for delay in replying!Fabian, it might not be the coolest tattoo, but it would certainly be useful!Lis, I use google calendar and have attempted to sync it with iCal & my facebook birthdays/events which seems to kind of work.. but I can see why mobileme would be handy.

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  5. Pedooh je..Masa PRU 13 mari Tok jip and the gang. Maka lembut lah para pengundi kat Pekan. Nak pulok mari Pak Mat habis belaka…Kawe dah lama sangat kenal dia orang nih.. Tapi klu betullah weh moh lah kita bulat-bulat hati kita macam bulatnya bulan gerhana PAS tu..

  6. Wonderful, reflective beginning! James and the Giant Peach was the first novel that I remember a teacher reading aloud in class… Think that your title will sing me to sleep tonight though!

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  9. I can’t see the last five pictures either. Don’t worry, I still get the message, and posts like these are why I love this blog. Reading the posts here teaches me more about basketball… that’s always a good thing. I agree with 13thirtyone, by the way. The greatest danger to the Lakers defense is complacency. And possibly the Heat.

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  25. That is such a sweet picture of Henry! I know how it feels to panic over an illness of a beloved pet…it is heart wrenching. I would request a referral if it does not clear up by the end of the week. Glad to hear that you are not barfy any more!

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  43. Seriously! I can imagine it happening when you’re traveling with a group, but I just assumed it was obvious that the person left behind would immediately go to the surface, and the person in the train would get off at the next stop, and the two would call each other ASAP. But apparently Will ended up somewhere uptown, and Lauren ended up in a Brooklyn ghetto. So maybe my plan isn’t so obvious.

  44. Thanks Cynthia. I keep searching for my earliest colored slides of the cave, including one with Campbell. I ran across them not too long ago and will copies on to you when they turn up. By the way, I found a photo of the old house by the palm tree adjacent to the road just before the Gaviota Creek crossing. Our family stayed in the house for a few nights in the 1940s and my Mom snapped the photo. Cheers, Larry

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  51. Got to agree with Seiya on this one. These 3.75 figs are terrible. Their elbows and knees barely bend in the right direction and bend way more in the wrong direction. The paint is sloppy, the sculpts on the faces are soft and mushy and lacking in detail. They look and feel cheap. At 15 bucks with no accessories other than another head, they are a total rip off. Don’t suck off Matty just to get free toys. These toys are garbage.

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  53. I was telling Justin we should write Cheryl's “Throbbing Python” novella. We already came up with a few good (well, “good”) story lines and characters. And then, as a next step, we shall self-publish it. I am so ready for this.PS Another excellent review, Justin. I think Cheryl's almost ready for her own blog. (And a self-published novella!)

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  235. He would come again and He is not a liar. He said people would question His coming… He was right. At the end of the day, science can no more help us answer the past than it can the future. Six-thousand years of depraved human history and things are not getting better… question isn’t what you believe… the question is, “Who is Truth?” Love, Andy

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  249. Indeed, but I've seen some Americans (and Israelis) online, who were clueless about what stands behinds his false words, and thought perhaps the guy actually has a good point or two.Unless, of course, they were all cyber-clones made by his followers. One can never be certain.

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