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  1. I do like hearing them talk to each other. I was somewhat happy to have the rooster gone as two roosters crowing back and forth would get annoying sometimes.

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  7. “The buyer and seller joined together in an alliance against Chrysler, and others.”How does the seller of CDS benefit at all from a bankruptcy? Its like saying an insurance company sold someone insurance and then caused a fire in their house…the seller’s incentives are to prevent bankruptcy. SO – if every CDS contract has a buyer and a seller, then for everyone person on the sidelines cheering for bankruptcy, there’s someone else out there cheering for the bonds to be saved.

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  9. hach, taky tÄ› postihla ta super nemoc s názvem “tak když už jsem sem vlezla, tak pÅ™ece neodejdu s prázdnou”? XDDD úlety na netu.. hehe tÄ›ch jsem mÄ›la za poslední půl rok víc než dost =/ stačí když se človÄ›ku dostane do rukou kreditka, paypal a účet s penÄ›zi a pak to jede =/ XDDD hmmm no alespon pak budes mit, jako mys, co jist, kdyz nebudou penize na jidlo XDDDD

  10. I enjoyed this, you should review more things, Phil! You get right to the heart of the important stuff that I would want to know if I was’nt already an evangelical convert to the ways of android. Loved the food/camera comment

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  15. Ragnarok: re. Blade Runner – do you not “get it”, or does it just put you to sleep?If I was wired up Clockwork Orange-style and had to choose a movie to watch forever, it’d be Blade Runner. Preferably the ‘Final Cut’, but ‘Director’s Cut’ would also do. NO FUCKING VOICEOVER, YOU MEDDLING STUDIO KUNTS!

  16. I loved my picture I, too, love getting cards (or anything!) in the mail, and if they have pictures that’s a good bonus! I found a new creative way to display mine this year – I hung twine across the top of my door in the dining room and attached the cards with mini clothes pins. So far I’m LOVING it!!

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  19. Thanks so much!! Its been a crazy two weeks – I somehow thought I’d have ALL this time to blog all about motherhood, my adorable new babe, and how everything’s going, but of course, I’m barely managing to get a shower in every day! But I’ll keep you posted! Thx for the sweet message – I figure if I can get thru the first three weeks, I’ll be golden

  20. Jjajajaj ay chispuncita que razón tienes….si yo hubiese sido Barby también le pediría un pastizal a Mattel jajajaja…. Me quedo con lo de “nada es perfecto, ni en mundo Barby” ¡Si señora! Un besote desmadroso

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  25. Vixe.. faz tempo que eu ouço a trasmissão da RB, deve fazer uns quareeeenta anos (tá, nem tanto), sempre muito bem feita, com bom humor e infomação em doses bem equilibradas. A sua presença como repórter só fez melhorar as transmissões nest ano. Em toda corrida é aquela rotina, ligo o rádio 40min antes do início na RB e quando começa a transmissão da tv, deixo o Galvão sem palavras.

  26. FUD seems a harsh term. I’m not trying to raise doubts about something through dire, overblown predictions. I’m reporting that Matt’s recommending a full buildworld process based on changes he made. I’m not running a 2.7 system, so I can’t try it myself to see. Geez, Sascha, you’re really getting me down lately.

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  30. Dr. Seuss will always be my favorite… Non-sensical poetry which everyone is capable of digesting, and always a greater, deeper meaning, it’s quite subliminal really.Oh the places you’ll go!:-)

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  37. Points taken, Daniel. It may be, though, that the fraud this time was either greater than in the past or more cleverly implemented (by targeting key states or even specific, limited counties within those states – and doing this in a selected number of key states). In any case, it should be appealed if identified, and Romney conceded too early given evidence of it.

  38. Då är vi två om det Joel. En 10-årig tjej förklarade för mig för någon dag sedan att jag låg ganska långt efter. När jag frågade vad hon gjorde på datorn fick jag bara tillbaka.. "Men Hallå!! Var har du varit den senaste tiden!!!"Man börjar ju undra :/

  39. If you saw her on the show, I don’t know if you’ll find her more or less intense in the book. She was certainly edited in the show to be as frightening as they could possibly make her, but she’s coherent and very intelligent in the book. I picked it up at the library, out in paperback, so you should be able to find it easily. Side note: retail price on this standard paperback? Ten bucks. TEN BUCKS. For a mass market paperback book! That’s horror for you, right there. e.

  40. You are a good reliable employee that met all your commitments and does everything that is asked of you.So, you do what you you were assigned and now you make less money (no cost-of-living adjustments). Man, mgmt is really pushing back hard on employees this time around. Anyone else get their numbers back yet? Is this a fluke?

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  52. nor do I believe that Mitt's election will "make me rich too," but he will restore the economy to its full vigor, whereas Obama will continue to destroy it. By the way, moving jobs out of America into third world countries has been a long-term goal of Obama, who wants to "redistribute the wealth globally" as well as locally, and who believes in the "de-development" of the United States. Your hero is everything you pretend to hate.

  53. Amen! I can have a beer (please note the word/letter “a” for all those who believe in prohibition)after a hard day of work while watching SHU play. This is America. Now all I need is for it to be a reasonable price, but beggers can not be choosers.Did they explain or show how they cover the upper seats/level for not well attended games?BB

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  73. I want to know more about how the virus is affecting her eyes… Like, how it got into her eyes and why it hasn’t affected more of her?Ugh, there was *one line* about her mom making spaghetti and how it smelled and /now I want spaghetti/ even though I have a perfectly good dinner planned.Wouldn’t it be awesome if a massive real-time blogger ARG started up in 2014 documenting the history here? Come on guys, we’ve got two years to put this together!

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  76. Thanks for the update. I worry they won’t have the gumption to withstand the pressure. But they stood up to the Nazis by acting in solidarity with the Jews when arm bands were introduced. Perhaps it’s the Danes again, standing up to Islamo-fascists. Of course, let’s also remember the just this past spring.

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  78. A brilliant Lent talk tonight from Professor John Lennox (8.45pm radio 4)…a real scientist who is so articulate that the likes of Dawkins don`t debate him twice if they`re brave enough to do it at all.I`m guessing that he must have blagged Blacks lanyard…how else could a true scientist get himself past the Guardianistas at reception.Any chance of this man being asked to talk to Shukman, Black, Harrabin and the other Professor Nods of liberal tropes?Maybe once is all we need then! He was brilliant in my opinion.   0 likes

  79. Hey, what’s this crap about a museum in Griffith Park? Did I give it to AEG, I don’t remember it?Oh, that thing near the Zoo! Okay guys and gals, sure, I’ll tell Zine to vote yes on Tues, since then maybe I can get something in it for AEG like digital billboards visible off the 101 to the 5! Thanks again Ron for keeping me on point.

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  218. Oh, that is so like my desk/brain, Nick. I love the image of all your escaped thoughts living in the wilderness. I think the wilderness has probably grown through the windows in my brain… Jackie (who I don’t know, who is working with James Mayhew, who I do know) – I have a flamingo’s wishbone, but a curlew’s skull sounds cool 🙂 We could build a frankensteinian bird…

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