We temperament test our puppies at seven weeks.  Our goal is to match the puppies’ temperaments with the lifestyle and needs of adoptive families. We evaluate for degree of social acceptance, confidence, degree of following attraction, degree of dominance or submissive tendency, level of forgiveness, trainability, ability to retrieve and propensity to be a successful guide dog, obedience dog, show prospect or hunter. We also test the pups’ people orientation, reactiveness, sound sensitivity and prey drive.

The end -in- mind is to have well matched puppies with new owners for a life of happiness for all, with your  English Golden at the center of your family forever.  info@europaenglishgoldens.commikes-camera-pics-10-2015-1100

Clues emerge about the puppy’s personality earlier than seven weeks. With young pups like these pictured here, however, it is too early to accurately score or test temperament.


From European heritage to our homes today… English Goldens make the world a better place.